Photoshop for iPad – Adobe Working Hard To Set It Out

Adobe is working aggressively on Photoshop for iPad for almost a year now. As per the report, the application is scheduled to release in 2020. As it gets closer to the release, the concerns prevail that it might lack some of the key features at its launch. As per the report from John Gruber at Daring Fireball,  Adobe is very committed to this Project. Gruber cites multiple reliable sources and explains that “Adobe is genuinely all-in on Photoshop for iPad”. It has reportedly expanded its engineering team to work on this Project, and is on an “aggressive schedule” to integrate new features going ahead.

A report from Bloomberg talks about the struggles that Adobe has faced to bring out PS for iPad. Reportedly, the key features of PS CC like filters, Pen tool, Custom Paintbrush libraries, RAW editing and more are missing at present from Photoshop for iPad. Adobe mentioned that it would iteratively add these features over time. The recent report from Daring Fireball says, Adobe would still be committed to this project even if it’s behind the schedule. The release date for the Photoshop for iPad is not yet finalized. We can expect to know more about it when Adobe holds its annual MAX Conference from November 2 to November 6.

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Angad Joshi

Angad Joshi

Angad Joshi is a freelance professional photographer. He runs photography studios by the brand name TimeFrame Studios in Pune and Dombivli. He indulges in Food, Fashion, Product and Wedding Photography and has a team of his own. He loves conducting indoor and outdoor photography training programs and photography tours of various genres across India.

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