Exposure Triangle Is Still Tricking You Completely?

When you are a beginner at digital photography and have started using DSLR on Manual Mode, then you definitely know that the thing to master is THE EXPOSURE TRIANGLE. This includes Shutter Speed, Aperture and the ISO.

After some head bending and consistent practice, you get on good terms with Exposure Triangle. But you soon realize that it is not enough and you are still being tricked into photographs having wrong exposure. If this is the case with you, you are definitely avoiding a good look at least one of these.

1. Histogram

If you are a beginner and do not know what histogram is, don’t worry, it is a tool that helps you understand Luminosity in the given image. If you shoot in Live View Mode, you can turn on the Histogram to understand how the luminosity is for the given scene and current exposure settings. This comes handy when you have a very high contrast scene in front of you. Looking at live histogram and then getting to the right exposure is easy compared to just looking at the metering scale through the view finder. This tip will certainly increase your chances of hitting the shutter at right exposure.

2. LCD Brightness

The most overlooked feature that is present in your DSLR. Also, it is the most common cause behind missing on the right exposure & messing with the Exposure Triangle. In 80% of the cases, cameras are set on ‘Auto Screen Brightness’ and we do not want that. Get into the menu and find function that is related to Screen Brightness. You will find that it has Manual and Auto options. Set it on Manual and adjust the brightness depending on the lighting conditions that you are shooting in. Just by tweaking this simplest of the setting, you will notice that you are getting the right exposure more often because the image preview doesn’t burn up or darken the images unnecessarily.

3. Picture Style / Picture Control

If you are a beginner, there are high chances that you have never encountered this before. That is why you might have disturbed the settings here unknowingly. Find this option in the menu. Try to choose a color profile which is flat and doesn’t enhance Contrast and Saturation. Overuse of Contrast and Saturation are going to make your images look too edgy and dark, resulting in a bad Exposure Triangle scenario. Use Flat, Standard or Neutral Picture Style / Control.

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Angad Joshi

Angad Joshi

Angad Joshi is a freelance professional photographer. He runs photography studios by the brand name TimeFrame Studios in Pune and Dombivli. He indulges in Food, Fashion, Product and Wedding Photography and has a team of his own. He loves conducting indoor and outdoor photography training programs and photography tours of various genres across India.

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