EOS R To Feature Crazy Moving Sensor – Rumored!

If recent rumors are to be believed, Canon is working on a Moving Sensor in their new EOS R Body. This may make 2020 to be a very interesting year for Canon followers and for photography enthusiasts entirely.

This talked about Canon body will be on the same lines of Canon’s already mega popular EOS 1D X, but only in new avatar of Mirrorless. It is also referred as Canon EOS Rs by some websites and blogs.    
The professional EOS R body will feature a new lens mount that can host both EF and RF lenses. At the moment if you are using a Canon Mirrorless body then you have to invest into a new family of RF Lenses (big expense) or you can invest into an EF Mount Adapter (one more piece of equipment to fiddle with) to keep on using your existing EF lenses on Mirrorless Body.

But, if the rumours are really something to be believed on, then this could really mean big New Year news for all existing and prospect canon users. This piece of tech depends upon a mechanical system that moves the sensor to adjust itself to the different Flange Distances of EF and RF Lenses (distance between lens mounts and the sensor). This tech is really going to be a game changer and can catapult Canon miles ahead in the competition.

According to Canon Watch, “This makes more sense than you might think at first glance. Given how committed Canon is the Canon EOS R system, an EOS R body with hybrid lens mount isn’t that unlikely in our opinion. And even if it is an engineering challenge, and for sure it is, Canon has the means and skills to build it.”

We are eagerly waiting to see the rumored tech turning into reality and changing the Mirrorless mounts forever.

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Angad Joshi

Angad Joshi

Angad Joshi is a freelance professional photographer. He runs photography studios by the brand name TimeFrame Studios in Pune and Dombivli. He indulges in Food, Fashion, Product and Wedding Photography and has a team of his own. He loves conducting indoor and outdoor photography training programs and photography tours of various genres across India.

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