Embrace HEIF, but do not ditch JPEG as of now

After Apple using High Efficiency Image File ‘HEIF’ format and making it a routine for developers all around the world, now world’s largest camera maker is going on the same path after two years.

Initially, there were reports that Canon will be moving on to HEIF, a 10-bit file format with its upcoming release of 1D X Mark III. Interpretations ran that Canon is doing away with the long loved JPEG, an 8-bit file format. This new file format, as its name claims, is highly efficient and has its roots in popular ‘High Efficiency Video Compression’ also known as H.265.

HEIF made its debut when Apple literally ditched JPEG and started using HEIC – Apple’s version of HEIF. This new format is capable of storing almost twice the data compared to JPEG, without increasing file size. Moreover, the real power is that HEIF is capable of going up to 16-bit color, whereas JPEG is limited to only 8-bit. We know for sure that this file format will save you a lot on your storage devices, internet bandwidth and will have more color depth.

Now, we are in wait to see this new and better file format across all the new camera models. This would mean all major photo-editing tools extending their support to work with HEIF. But for now, it is still the world of JPEGs.

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Angad Joshi

Angad Joshi

Angad Joshi is a freelance professional photographer. He runs photography studios by the brand name TimeFrame Studios in Pune and Dombivli. He indulges in Food, Fashion, Product and Wedding Photography and has a team of his own. He loves conducting indoor and outdoor photography training programs and photography tours of various genres across India.

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