Author: Vivek

Vivek likes to call himself “A work in progress“. He is a CEO of a young organisation . He is fascinated by observations on human behavior and what influences it. He likes to write on several genres and talk about it.

#9 Kala Ghoda

“Aaj School ki chhutti hai ”, shouted back Karan winking at his younger brother Arjun. This was today’s excuse for not going to school. They were taking their chances since the “Kala Ghoda” wasn’t to be seen.But, the mother was…

#4 Har Har Bajrang Bali !

The air reverberated with the collective cry of everyone who had assembled for the Bajrang Bali’s Aarti. At that moment it sounded more like an announcement than a recitation. It was the annual Hanuman Jayanti celebration in the community of…

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