Author: Rashmi Nair

A vintage comic book collector having a deep profound love for ancient world literature & mythological stories Rashmi believes that there is more to the world than what is seen! She is a business consultant during day time who is into strategy management and hiring. And gets grumpy when she doesn't get her "Me-time" during the night after all work is sorted!!

#12 Entrapment – 2

That dark route leading to the well lit, tree lined Panchayat Road was only some meters away.  Suddenly, the street lights went off.  Raman, who was already petrified, didn’t turn back to look at who was asking him for betel-nuts. …

#6 Entrapment

Dusk was slowly setting in Mettur Village. Raman Namboodiri, who grew up in this village, had finally got his posting as an Agricultural Officer here.  He wrapped up his work, locked the door of the Department Office and started his…

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