Adobe unveils an AI – Powered Impressive Photoshop Camera For Android and iOS

With the ever-growing potential of today’s popular Smartphones, computational photography is trending. However, there are quite a few options of Third party camera apps available for Android and iOS with a variety of features like built-in photo editors, live filters and much more. Now, Adobe is all set to jump on the bandwagon with its AI-powered Photoshop Camera for Android and iOS.

Adobe Photoshop Camera reportedly uses the company’s AI platform Sensei that identifies subjects in photos and automatically recommends filters that you can apply. It also has a deep understanding of the technicalities like the dynamic range, face regions, scene-type, tonality of the photo and automatically applies adjustments in the viewfinder. Once the app rolls out, it will also include the curated selection of lenses created by well-known influencers and artists. Adobe has also collaborated with the musician Billie Eilish for creating limited edition styled lenses. It lets users to create their own lenses for the app using Photoshop.

The users can make a clean selection around the subject with its auto-masking feature which makes use of Sensei, the AI powered platform, without having to go through a complex process. Moreover, it also gives editing options to the users so that they can tune up the details like highlights, shadows, exposure and more.

The new Photoshop Camera app is expected to release early in 2020.

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Angad Joshi

Angad Joshi

Angad Joshi is a freelance professional photographer. He runs photography studios by the brand name TimeFrame Studios in Pune and Dombivli. He indulges in Food, Fashion, Product and Wedding Photography and has a team of his own. He loves conducting indoor and outdoor photography training programs and photography tours of various genres across India.

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